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Girish Pal

I am GIRISH PAL, 30 years of age, born in new delhi. working in Indian film industry, mumbai.  Professionally i am an Actor, i am doing theatre from the last 6 years from various theatre groups under the direction of different directors.

Film Experience:-

Completed projects:- 

  •  Vishram sawant's upcoming film "Shooter" releasing in 2013.
  •  kabir sadanand's next venture "Project 36" releasing in 2013.
  • WAT TO GO Directed by Gitesh and Kartik.
Telefilms and short films:-
  1. Worked with Sourabh Shukla in a short film.
  2. Did Telefilm titled "castration"
  3. Did Telefilm titled "psycho"
  4. Did short film titled "Sankalp" 
Corporate movies:-
  • Done a corporate movie for Cadbury Oreo.
  • Done a corporate movie for greenlam plywood.
  • Done a corporate movie for Mahindra.
  • Done a corporate movie for Mother Dairy.
On floor Projects:- 

  1. Vishwas patil"s film "Rajjo"

In these 6yrs i have worked in many recognised and good plays like :-

Mahesh dattani's (final solution)
Swadesh deepak's (Court Martial)
Narender Mohan's (Mr. Jinnah)
Dhoodh Nath Singh's (Yama Gatha)
Vinod Mishra's (Tat Niranjana)
Swadesh Deepak's (Sabse Udaas Kavita)
Nag Bodas's (Amma Tujhe Salaam)
Nag Bodas's ( Thank You Baba Lochan Dass)
Dario Fo's (Accidental Death of an Anarchist {Operation Three Star}) 
Anton chekhov's (Log Baag)
Girish Karnad's (Rakt Kalyan)
Habib Tanwar's (Mote Ram Ka Satyagrah)
Mahesh Dattani's
(30 days in september)
friedrich durrenmatt's (The Physicists)

i played lead in almost all the plays and received good reviews from the critics and audience.
i have also taken part in various recognised theatre festivals like :-

Bharat Rang Mahotsav, N.S.D. delhi
Nehru Centre Festival, Mumbai
Pawas Theatre Utsav, Patna
Jaipur Natya Samaroh, Jaipur
Bhartendu Natya Utsav, Delhi
Asmita Summer Theatre Festival, Delhi
Vivechna Theatre Festival, Jabalpur
National Theatre Festival, Amritsar
Muktibodh National Festival, IPTA, Raipur
Mallika sarabai Theatre Utsav, Ahmedabad

i have also directed street plays like :

! Rahul Boxer

I had also worked in kids show called "SKATOONY". I conduct annual functions and theatre workshops in various recognised schools.

Director's word about Giriesh :-

Girish pal came to me 6 yrs back and right from his 1st day in Asmita he impressed me with his work a lot with his work, sincerity and dedication and from then i started keeping a tight eye on him. He is a hard working guy, creative, sensible, sensitive and very emotional, he can't se anyone in trouble. He use his heart more than his brain, this is his plus point and minus point also. He observes his environment very deeply and try to get new thing from there. His observation power is very good, and becouse of this habit he understands the various characters very soon and easily. Girish pal was 23yrs old with very slim and thin body with little beard and mouchtaches when he played the character of Ramnik(who is around 50 to 55 yrs old) in Final Solution and he did a fantastic job in that character. Girish pal played the best Ramnik ever. This character would be his one of the memorable character. He also played Babban in this play and did good job as Babban also. Some times i think, Instead of 'mote ram ka satyagrah' the play should be called as 'girish ka satyagrah' or 'magistrate ka satyagrah' becouse girish has done a tremendous job in 'mote ram ka satyagrah' in the character of magistrate. i wish him good luck in future. and i hope he will surely achieve his dreams one day.

Arvind Gaur :- (director, asmita)

Friend's comment :-

Peaple love to see play 'mote ram ka satyagrah' again and again just because of girish pal, he also did a awesum job in "amma tujhe salam" in d character of jaggi.
Usman Mohammad.

Girish pal looks very cute in 'Yam Gatha' in shaved head. all thumbs up for girish in 'mote ram ka satyagrah' and 'amma tujhe salam'.

i got goose bumbs when i saw girish pal in court martial.
Amit basoya.
every body was literally crying in the auditorium when girish did "ramchander" in 'court matial'. i have also seen his Ramnik .. kudos to girish pal.
Garima arya.

Wanna see johnny depp(pirates of carribian) live, see girish pal in 'mote ram ka satyagrah'.
Divya .
girish pal played yashwant nikose with simplicity. His yashwant nikose can't be forgotten.
Bimal, jabalpur.
I became a big fan of girish pal after seeing him in 'mote ram ka satyagrah', 'operation three star', '30days in september'. He really did great job in all the plays. very energetic and entertaining actor. Hats off to girish.
Most of us dreams but very few of us could accomplish them, Girish pal comes in that category, its not just his will to do that its actually his talent that make him what he is today, when you see his play you can totally tell that the guy has potential in plays like :- 'deepak in 30days in september', 'ramnik in final solution', 'magistrate in mote ram in satyagrah', 'ramchander' in court martial, 'jinnah in Mr. jinnah', 'writer in log baag', 'supritandent in Accidental death of an anarchist(O.T.S)' list is long. hats of to you man.
Sumit sharma.
Awesome!!! What an actor, great acting by girish pal in operation three star. Its worth to see if he is on the stage. one word (versatile)

Girish is simply an amazing guy, we have been friends for long ... and i could not believe he has gone this far ... after seeing all of this ... wowwwww ... i am so sure you gonna make it really big someday ... when i get to india again i wont miss any of your plays ... two thumbs up for this great guy ... im really so proud of you yaar...GOD BLESS and more blessings to come....keep up the good work...
Roselle Baes.

All i can say Girish is out of this world.
shilpi ashta

Your fan's are missing you. "30 days in september" will not be 30 days without you..
ahmed fawaz

Height :-5'11"
Weight :- 70 kgs
Contact no. :- 9867085639, 9022144265
E mail id -


The Physicists

The Physicists is a satirical drama worked by the Swiss writer Friedrich Durrenmatt which deals with the progress of the modern science & its respossibility for the impact it has on our lives.

The play elutes to the rising fear of the people that nuclear welfare & technology would advance so greatly, and the concern that mankind was not yet ready to handle such a responsibility.

The story starts in the Sanatorium where three physicists.. George Vergis, M.S. Swaminathan(who pretends himself as Newton) and Badrinath Nagpal(Einstein) are being treated.

A murder has occurred and this was the second one within three months. The investigating officer can’t do anything about it because the murderers were already declared insane. We later learn that none of three patients treated here is insane. They all faked it for slightly different reasons.

George, who declared himself to be regularly speaking to the Biblic king Solomon, is the wisest. He initially faked his paranoia to be confined to his little cell so no one would believe his inventions or even searce for something he invented.
What was the reason behind it?
Whether his decision was right?
What happened to his inventions?

Writter :- friedrich durrenmatt

Director's word :-

I saw girish 1st time during the show of final solution. and right from that show i always wanted to work with him and wanted to direct him in a play. and after 2 long yrs finally i got the chance to direct him in this play. he is very enthusiastic, energetic, and talented Actor. i wish him all the success in life
Sunil Rawat (director, THE PHYSICISTS)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Log - Baag

Log - Baag

Depicting lives of everyday mortals "LOG-BAAG" reveals myriad of moods, class distinctions and various shades of mind and attitude. A play with eight short stories ofchekhov woven together, each individualy depicting a slice of life. Yet, the common thread that binds them together is the essential conflict between "What should be" and "What is" and also the typical Chekhovian end that undercuts each story as a very first last moment.The stories can be seen as seemingly transaprently simple yet with great subtlety Chekhov undercuts mammoth institutions like, Bureaucracy , parenting , marriage , medicine ..... yet at the same time chekhov goes behind social institutions and with great sensitivity revelas glimpsis of human emotions of insecurity, namelessness, confusion , pain .......The playwright Neil Simen has brilliantly selected the short stories such that each one dipicts the complex facets of the writer in the play. The writer's conflict at penning down his experiences as stories, itself is an organic story in the play.
writer :- anton chekhov

Amma Tujhe Salam

Amma tujhe Salam

Amma Tujhe Salaam written by the late Shri Nag Bodas is a social satire centred on the lives of beggars, a class of people who have been made outcasts by a consumer-centric society that rejects its own children in their hour of need. The play exposes the hypocrisy of social rules and norms, through the story of Bhura, a handicapped mechanic who loses everything when he is betrayed by those closest to him. In spite of the harshness he faces in his new world, he maintains his integrity and continues to dream of small joys. When he runs into Chhalni and her two children who have never known a world outside beggary, he teaches them to do the same.In the meantime, Jaggi "Boss" and his two sidekicks Tanny and Teja, who are aspiring underworld dons, portray another facet of social disharmony. Their story reflects the frustration of having un-met needs, and the other side of social impact: a struggle for power and finally emergence into a mirror image of the system itself, symbolizing ambition and ruthlessness. The issue of trafficking of women and children also forms a sub-plot of this play. The horrifying transformation of innocent childhood joys to mental instability and lifelong scars is worthy of thought, and adapted well into the main storyline.

writer :- naag bodas

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Play:- Court Martial

About the play:- Court Martial

When respect is denied to a man for the only reason that he is borne by ‘low-caste’ parents, the offence cannot simply be termed as a social violence. It assumes larger proportions of crime against humanity and society at large.Yet by the turn in situation the murderer becomes a winner whereas the victim is unforgiven.The culprit may receive severe punishment at the hands of the law but, in fact, it is the society which is put in the docks.Court Martial,written by Swadesh Deepak, is a story of recruit Ram Chander who is tried for murdering one of his officers and injuring another.The Court Martial is presided by a war veteran.Col. Surat Singh who has witnessed many ‘life –and –death’ situation. But this trial puts him in a queer position, so far unknown to him, and during the course of interrogation he realize that the issues at stake are much larger than what meets the eye.Realizing that the Indian Army is the only government agency in which reservation on caste basis is not permissible. Court Martial presents a combination of legal and poetic justice.
Writer:- Swadesh Deepak


Tight pace of Court Martial….not to be missed .
Kavita Nagpal (Hindustan Times)

Gaur’s hard hitting realism…..His infinitely intelligent approach….strong play.
Aruna Ahluwalia (E.News)

A drama that went beyond the limits of drama.
(Indian Express)

The Asmita team has created a marvelous piece of theatre out of a wonderful script….don’t miss it. The times spent watching it is well worth it.
Smita Nirula ( The Pioneer)

Stealing scenes with revolt as the theme ….Court Martial was an engrossing display of theatre for social awareness
Sushama Chadha (Times Of India)

Excellent acting, live and memorable…..worth visit.
Ajeet Rai (Nav Bharat Times)

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Play:- Yam Gatha

About the play:- Yam Gatha

This play focuses on the brutality, cruelty and manipulations of the ‘ones in power’ which they exert in order to maintain their authority and domination. The main aim of the ‘system’ is to come in terms with the opposition, no matter if the opponents are sacrificed in the name of religion and under the shelter of law (!). The system leaves nothing unturned. False propaganda is frivolously used to demean the opposition.Yama Gatha throws light on this naked truth. Though mythology forms the basis of the presentation but the content undoubtedly shows its parallel existence in contemporary world situation. The playwright Prof. Doodh Nath Singh has remarkably brought out the prevelant social and political power game situations through the medium of ‘Indra’ and ‘Pururva’. The play is a strong statement on the continuous ‘unannounced’ exploitation which third world countries suffer at hands of developed nations. Deep rooted racial discrimination and caste hierarchies forming the basis of marginalisation, subjugation, subordination and inequality still relevant in Indian as well as global context also find wide representation in the play. Indra is the epitome of ‘World power’ and Brahmins, Rishikul and Raja are his tools in the game of power. Through these tools Indra exploits the people and gets his opponents killed by manipulative declaring them ‘agaisnt religion’ and ‘against mankind’. He calls them ‘Anarya’ and ‘Dasyu’, so as to isolate them from mainstream. ‘Yajna’ for him is an important medium of carrying forward this exploitation. Schools of serviles, parasites, music, alcohol and sex make an integral part of his ‘kootneeti’. The play exposes the farcical, cruel and distorted face of reality of politics through Indra. On the other side Vasishtha and Pururva are striving to restore power to the people. They work together to bring light to the people; they fight for their rights and their welfare. Neither do people have enough fire to live nor do they have access to resources to survive. People are exploited by Brahmins and Purohits in the name of sacrifices and yajnas. Pururva wages war against this exploitation. Indra fears Pururva and tries to tempt him and appropriate him and his guru Vasishtha into the system. Not succeeding in his plans he gets Pururva killed in Purushmedh Yajna under the cover of ‘Dharm Sammat Nyaya’.Yama Gatha attacks the cruel and two faced system and politics in the name of religion. Through Urvashi and Ila, the two women characters, the question of feminine identity and Asmita comes up strikingly in this play.The conflict between two ‘streams of thought’ or ‘cultures’; conflict between those striving for identity, recognition and survival and those engaged in politics of domination, provides strength and sets a large canvas for this play.
Writer :- Dhoodh Nath Singh